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chocolate box 2k17

Hi, friend! This is my first year participating in Chocolate Box and I'm siked to see what you come up with. Below I've got some likes/dislikes for each fandom and pairing I've requested, but of course, take creative license with these ~prompts as I don't mind a little surprise.

Luna Lovegood/Harry Potter

Of any fandom I'm in, you'll find I do my most liberal shipping in the Harry Potter world. I ship...a lot of ships, often with crossover. But of any of them, I hold these two nearest and dearest to my heart. I like Ginny, but not Harry/Ginny -- I found their relationshiop, for lack of a better word, boring. Simplistic. Harry and Luna, on the other hand, have a complex, interesting, original dynamic. One of my favorite personality traits in Harry Potter is that I've always felt, not that deep down, he has this very kind, very sweet, very unassuming little eleven-year-old in him who loves the underdog because he is one. In the fifth and sixth books when Harry's weighed down by teenage and existential ennui, lashing out at his friends (he gets hate for this from fandom, but I think he's a bit entitled to some angst), Luna's the only one who can bring out that side of him again: patient, soft, childlike. And I think she always sort of has that effect on him, a calming effect no one else does. I always got the sense she understood Harry (and, well, everything) in some ways better than even his closest friends.

As far as what I'm looking for in a fic about them, I'm pretty open. I like fic that centers around Luna's unique influence with Harry. I like fic where she is the only one able to get through to him post-war. I even like fic where he has feelings for her while married to Ginny, or where he was with Ginny but they broke up soon after the war. In general -- this applies to all my fandoms/ships, not just this -- I like fic that rides the line between friendship and romance. My favorite Harry/Luna fic writer is angeldylan68; if you're into them, I highly recommend checking out her Harry/Luna tag at soapboxblues. Those fics are prime examples of what I'm looking for from a Harry/Luna fic.

John Lennon/Paul McCartney

I went through a huge Beatles phase a couple years ago and read pretty much every John/Paul fic on the Archive and even added a few myself. I generally like my RPF as realistic as possible, which means that, again, I like the line between friendship/romance/sexual attraction to be very, very blurred. I do not like "established relationship" at all. There's plenty of real-life material that backs up the notion that John and Paul's friendship was...um, complicated. The best stuff, and the stuff on which I like my J/P fics to be based, can be found at jpslashsource, a collection of fascinating quotes of sometimes questionable heterosexuality related to the most successful songwriting duo of all time.

What do I like in fic? References to stuff that really happened. Mention of girlfriends and wives and the tension that actually did bring up in their relationship. Nostalgic childhood memories contrasted against more tense times -- they were best friends from the time Paul was, like, 15. UST. Sexual/romantic moments fraught with vagueness and confusion, sometimes cut short. For reference: selenak does an awesome job with this. Check out her John/Paul stuff on AO3 if you're interested.

Various ships

James T. Kirk/Spock & Leonard McCoy or James T. Kirk/Spock
I picked the first option over Kirk/Spock alone because I love having McCoy's disapproving, disbelieving voice for commentary. ("Really, Kirk? The Vulcan?") The Kirk/Spock dynamic is intense and the attachment there is crazy-strong, yes, but to me their relationship is essentially humorous. Not like I think it's a joke, but so much of what makes them so charming is how ridiculous they are. Because they are. Ridiculous. On their own but even more ridiculous together. So for Kirk/Spock I like humor with, of course, a touch of the genuine deep feeling they have for each other. Again, not a huge fan of established relationship. I prefer living through the weirdness any person would have to endure leading up to a romantic entanglement with the most emotionally unavailable, sarcasm-deaf being in the galaxy. A favorite of mine, for reference: The Definition of Us.

James T. Kirk/Leonard "Bones" McCoy
A relationship with Bones would be almost as ridiculous as a relationship with Spock, to be honest. He's...impossible, lol. I like fics where Jim is definitely the more interested party, especially where what he's interested in is having sex with Bones. I like fics where Bones caves at the end or where he keeps caving throughout but every time is "the last time." Again, I'm big on humor and funny dialogue for this ship, with touching moments.

James T. Kirk/Spock/Nyota Uhura
Okay, wouldn't this just be hilarious? I'm into the idea of Spock and Uhura being in their canon relationship and one of them having to be convinced into a threesome they secretly wanted to have all along. Kirk making lots of jokes like "So when am I getting an invite to this party?" But I would seriously be down with really anything you've got for this (3)ship -- seriously.

Again, I want to reiterate that you should take liberties with these prompts! But as a final note, here are some general likes/dislikes that apply across fandoms:

LIKES: nonlinear storytelling; unclear relationship status; build-up; UST; infidelity (I know, I suck); dialogue

DISLIKES: AUs, for the most part; established relationship; straight-up fluff; deathfic (unless canon)

Thank you so much for reading! I'm portions_forfox at AO3, too, and fraitured on Tumblr.
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