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ficathon » THE TIME IS UPON US.


for ficathon 1

ONE. les régles

  • this is a multi-fandom ficathon in celebration/apprehension of nanowrimo beginning! whether you're using it to get the creative juices flowing for your novel or you're just straight-up trying to avoid thinking about plottage, here is the place to be.

  • any fandom, any pairing is allowed, although please try to vary prompts if you can. you know the drill: one prompt per comment, prompts may be anything you please.

  • if you fill a prompt, please title it and give a rating and/or any warning(s) at the beginning. also, if you could leave a link to your fill under the 'fills' thread on the first page, that would be awesome.

  • if you want to promote, please do!

  • that's it. now go!

TWO. works
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