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oh, to be young and free again!

N o    S h a m e !
The Wish Fulfillment Ficathon: Summer Edition!

In the spirit of summer (and due to some egging-on from jada_jasmine), I have decided to reprise the fan favorite No Shame! comment ficathon from Christmas '12. In case you missed it last time, this is for all those poor unfortunate fics you've always wanted to read but have been too afraid to ask for. The guilty slashing, the small fandom woes, the crack AU you love that makes sense to not a one but you -- all that ends now!  This summer break, be not afraid to ask for the fic you so gravely desire!! Prompt away!


What the fuck is this?

This ficathon is for you, the benefactor, to prompt all those crazy things that have piled up in your head all your life. This means the stuff you've been too embarrassed to prompt at other ficathons, or that one prompt you keep leaving around that's too obscure to garner a response. Could be because it's a small or forgotten fandom, an unheard-of pairing, or just because you find it too embarrassing to prompt at ~normal ficathons. (As an RPF shipper myself, I am all too familiar with those woes. I know the woes.) That means this ficathon is kind of like a tiny Yuletide exchange, only you get to request as much as you want and the fills (if there be any, lol) will probably be much shorter.

How do I know what I can and can't prompt?
I realize this is kind of a gray area -- what constitutes a weird desire?? -- so just act on your gut feeling, man, or if you have any questions about whether something's weird enough or not, feel free to ask me here. As a general example, you probably wouldn't prompt TVD, Damon/Elena, because c'mon guys, that's standard ficathon fodder. On the other hand, if you've always wanted fic about Ted and Veronica from Better off Ted but can barely find any -- that's fair game!

I'm confused again.
Basically the rules are: prompt anything as long as it's kind of weird (i.e., weird fandom, weird pairing, weird crack AU desires)!
This is the place where you will not be judged!

How much can I prompt?
As much as you want. I mean this seriously, man. EMPTY YOUR BRAINS OF ALL YOU CAN THINK OF. Twenty, thirty, a thousand comments in a row. Go for it. This is a judgment-free zone!!!

Can I promote?
YESSS! In fact, the more you spread the word, the higher the chances are that you'll attract someone who'll write your weird desires! Here are banners for your pimping needs. (I am terrible at banners, though?? So if you are a kindhearted soul and would like to make more, pLEASE DO.)



Go forth and enjoy!

FILLS . . .

do what you do, say what you say by theviolonist | the mindy project | mindy/brendan | r | i don't like you but i love you, seems that i'm always thinking of you.

untitled by [anonymous] | love actually | sam/johanna | [no rating given] | long distance relationship as teens.

If things go wrong, we can knock it down by [anonymous] | btvs | faith/giles | [no rating given] | on our drugs and our love / and our dreams and our rage / blurring the lines between real and the fake / dark and lonely / i need somebody to hold me.

untitled by
latenightcuppa | dc comics | jason todd | [no rating given] | that is not dead which can eternal lie / and with strange eons even death may die.

At the end of all your lines by [anonymous] | harry potter | ron/harry | [no rating given] | you're gonna miss me when i'm gone.

But I got you to keep me warm by [anonymous] | harry potter | harry/luna | pg | you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray.

there's only one song, & adam and eve wrote it by postcardmystery | rolling stones rpf | jagger/richards | r | “if you’re mick jagger, why would you want to be anything else?” - keith richards.

Kerosene by [anonymous] | better off ted | ted/veronica | r | superhero!AU.

dear saint, let lips do what hands do by zoopdeloop | romeo x juliet | tybalt/juliet | [no rating given] | find the love to unfold, in this broken world we choose.

your war paint by indigostohelit | romeo and juliet | romeo/boy!juliet | pg13 | the stars are not wanted now: put out every one; pack up the moon and dismantle the sun.

failure, disorder, distortion by rumpledlinen | hannibal | freddie/will | r | i think perfection is ugly. i want to see scars, failure, disorder, distortion.

they don't know you like i do by rumpledlinen | doctor who | amy/rose | [no rating given] | she's completely mad, and a bit magnificent.

i promise you that by rumpledlinen | hannibal | jack/will | pg13 | inside i'm just a fragile little twig.

untitled by suki_alanna | doctor who | rose/master | [no rating given] | bad wolf becomes the master's companion.

untitled by [anonymous] | harry potter | ensemble + polyamory | [no rating given] | harry is the leader of a cult + mass suicide.

visions of cassady by margottenenbaum | beat generation rpf | jack kerouac/neal cassady | pg13 | cross-country road trips and sex and stuff.

holding up horizons with her hands by theviolonist | tangled/aladdin | rapunzel/jasmine | r | they were there the night the wall was drowned, in the surging of that tidal crowd; an old world made new, on the same holy ground.
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