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multi-fandom rpf comment ficathon!

we're on a ship - pun intended:

banner by my lj soulmate cassiehayes

+ any and all rpf fandoms are welcome, as long as the fic is centered around real-life three-dimensional human beings!
+ one prompt per comment, please! try to format your prompts along the lines of: fandom, pairing, prompt. if you're prompting harry styles/louis tomlinson, your fandom is one direction. if you're prompting robert downey jr/gwyneth paltrow, your fandom is iron man. if you're prompting something cracky (and that's fine, we love that!) like, say, paul mccartney/kanye west, revert to the closest thing they have in common, ie, music.
+ feel free to leave as many prompts as you want! 
+ if you fill a prompt, include a title, the pairing, and rating at the top of your comment. if your fill gets too long to fit within a reasonable amount of comments, post the fill to your journal and link us to it.

+ want to promote? awesome, we have banners for you! see this thread.

+ any questions, comments, concerns, or general nonsense you want to put out there, you can come here.


+ if you fill a prompt, hooray! please comment here with the title, pairing, rating, original prompt, and a link to wherever it's posted. that way i can add it easily to the masterlist. (if i've already listed your fic, there's no need to leave a comment now.)
+ masterlist was last updated 8/18/12



rumpledlinen wrote,
that much is true | jennifer/josh/liam | r | for the prompt, jennifer and josh get married, then make out with liam.
+ hanorganaaswrote,
love in all the wrong places | unrequited!jennifer/josh | pg | for the prompt, sucks being in love with your best friend, doesn't it.


stopthere wrote,
the water is warm but it's sending me shivers | miley/demi | pg-13 | for the prompt, the day after liam proposes to her, miley has a mental breakdown in front of demi.


+ trustingno1wrote,
you give me a look that's like laughing | tina/jimmy | pg | for the prompt, nostalgia.
+ ceridweyn_linwrote,
untitled | samberg/sudeikis | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, moving on is hard, man.
+ falseeeyelashes wrote,
blah blah something about a coldplay song & going back to the start | kristen/bill | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, and maybe if i really try and follow my heart, then i could make a brand new start in love with you.


+ stoptherewrote,
i know right now you don't care (but soon enough you're gonna think of me) | jake/amir | pg | for the prompt, sarah jokingly attempts to set them up.


+ pikasafirewrote,
last call | john barrowman/gareth david lloyd | g | for the prompt, there's an old voice in my head that's holding me back, well tell her that I miss our little talks.


+ stoptherewrote,
sweet and low | sarah silverman/jimmy kimmel | pg | for the prompt, I turn to the sink, ask him about the impressive array of gels, mousses, and sprays. "I didn't have you as a hair-product guy," I say. // "That's all Sarah's shit," he says. "We haven't gotten around to….whatever."


+ pikasafire wrote,
in character | chris evans/robert downey, jr | pg | for the prompt, roleplay.


+ evocateswrote,
biting my tongue | emilia/kit/richard | pg-13 | for the prompt, I'm biting my tongue, he's kissing on you, is he better than me?


+ portions_forfoxwrote,
since i saw you last | liv/viggo | pg | for the prompt, just like the good old days.


+ rumpledlinenwrote,
so, who's it gonna be? | andrew/emma | pg-13 | for the prompt, "so, after you kill me, who're you gonna ask them to call in for mary jane?"


+ sadera992wrote,
untitled | brandon quinn/danny smith | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, even after all these years.


+ anonymous wrote,
untitled (part one // part two) | paul mccartney/yoko ono | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, the things they have in common.
+ obstinatrix wrote,
like a million suns | lennon/mccartney | r | for the prompt, "they needed each other like mad."


+ greenfishwrote,
untitled | louis c.k./ewan mcgregor | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, ewan runs into louis unexpectedly at an event - it's louis' chance to prove he wants the famous blowjob.


+ hanorganaaswrote,
set my soul alight | alex kingston/matt smith | r | for the prompt, this play between the sheets/with you on top and me underneath.
+ effie214wrote,
the best of what we've done is yet to come | matt/karen | g | for the prompt, five years from now.
+ care_sayswrote,
falling forward to come home | matt/karen | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, halfway 'round the world lies the one thing that you want

when i open my eyes you are what i wanted to see | matt/karen | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, "I had to help karen zip up her dress today for the second time"

[ iCARLY ]

+ greenfishwrote,
set the lamp afire | jerry/jeannette | pg-13 | for the prompt, vodka gummy bears.


+ oomnydevvotchkawrote,
untitled | tyler hoechlin/dylan o'brien/harry styles | pg-13 | for the prompt, Dylan brings his new pretty boyfriend from England to set. Hoechlin likes to watch them kissing and touching each other.
+ tiptoe39 wrote,
untitled | colton haynes | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, twink.

untitled | dylan o'brien/tyler hoechlin | {no author rating given} | for the prompt, Dylan is baby faced and young, has long eyelashes and sharp cheekbones and his lips have this habit of always hanging open in a perfect 'o'. There's only so much Tyler can take.


+ melodylemming wrote,
have a nice day | ryan seacrest/simon cowell | pg-13 | for the prompt, at an amusement park.


+ trustingno1 wrote,
tell me the lies you know i need | jon/stephen friendship | pg | for the prompt, sincerity makes comedians uncomfortable.


+ nemofrommars wrote,
down and dirty on the dance floor | kaya scoledario/megan prescott | pg-13 | for the prompt, down and dirty on the dance floor.


+ care_says wrote,
bright lights and hurricanes | leo/kate | pg-13 | for the prompt, you make me nostalgic for a love that hasn't even happened yet.


+ trustingno1 wrote,
'cause maybe we don't all have to be alone | david/gillian | pg-13 | for the prompt, they couldn't figure out who made up the story about them living together. the only problem is that it's true.

all we know is distance (we're close and then we run) | david/gillian | pg-13 | also for the prompt, they couldn't figure out who made up the story about them living together. the only problem is that it's true.


+ theviolonist wrote,
i don't wanna wake up wondering | frank ocean/kanye west/kim kardashian | r | for the prompt, some day you'll twist this in a song.


+ fullmoon02 wrote,
it was all yellow | dicaprio/ruffalo | pg | for the prompt, let me name the stars for you.


+ fullmoon02 wrote,
the space between us | hugh laurie/robert sean leonard | pg | for the prompt, separation anxiety.


+ fullmoon02 wrote,
i will tell your story if you die | james dean/paul newman | pg | for the prompt, i'm gonna leave you drowning until you reach for my hand.

i look at you out of the corner of my eye | james dean/paul newman | pg | for the prompt, "what do you think of each other?" // "oho! we can't print that!"

Tags: fandom: rpf, type: ~ficathon~
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